DiAnn Moody

I’ve spent the last 30 years helping families find their loved ones. I’ve been a psychic as long as I can remember. I did not choose this ability but I chose to embrace it. I am married for 38 yrs, have 7 children, 29 grands and lots of great grands.

One of the first people I looked for was my sister. She was a drug addict and ran away from home at an early age. She was missing for three years and this was well before cell phones. I knew she had a terminal illness and decided it was time to bring her home. My readings took me to Miami, over 500 miles from home, where I found her. I took her home to live out the few years she had left. She was not alone.

I’ve worked with the police, private investigators, families and hollywood psychics on all kinds of cases. From the missing to the murdered. Many times families know their loved ones are gone but they want to know why. They don’t always like the reason, or believe them, which I’ve learned to accept. I can only return what I get.

I use tarot, spirit box and several other methods to contact spirits. Sometimes they just come to me and I have to figure out who, what, where and what they want. I am a living psychic and medium. I look for the missing, communicate with the spirits, do psychic readings, cleansing of homes and offices etc. I also have chrons, lupus, fibromyalgia pain…and I try to help any suffering from any auto immune disease. For those looking for an outside perspective and some faith, please feel free to reach out.